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October Member's Meeting

Valerie Young gave a slideshow presentation on the history of Bletchley Park from its heyday as a stately home through to its better known use as a codebreaking establishment during the Second World War. The mansion was constructed during the years following 1883 for the financier and politician Sir Herbert Leon. In 1938, the mansion was bought by Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair, head of MI6 and was used throughout the war for intelligence gathering and reporting. Valerie talked about the lives of those who worked there during this era , both well known characters and ordinary people like her mother. At the end the was a video clip of her mother being interviewed about her time at Bletchley. She remembers that she disliked the canteen food and stuck to rice pudding and porridge. Important visitors she noted did NOT get served canteen food !

Carolyn Gaff gave a vote of thanks.


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