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Mother's Ruin- June Members Meeting

Jacquie extended a warm welcome to Mildred Freeman our Zoom speaker, who kept us all entertained with her talk "Mothers Ruin - the story of gin". How gin evolved is steeped in history, through its connections with royalty, the navy, prohibition, and its medicinal properties. She talked us through some contemporary images of the effects of gin on society through the ages and proved herself to be very versatile and entertained us with a chorus of Jerusalem, along with some other funny songs about gin. Mildred is not a WI member, but is interested in joining a group near to where she lives. She has several other talks that she can present to us, some a little naughty, so watch this space.

Alison Browne kept our minds active by hosting a Gin Quiz. Sue Broadhurst won the quiz with 19 points - there was no prize, only the title Biggest Lush! Sue was honoured to receive this title!

Jacquie reported that we hope to be able to recommence meetings in the hall in September 2021. This obviously depends upon any Covid regulations in force at that time. We do not know yet whether any additional restrictions will apply to the hall hire.

Our July meeting (our Birthday Party) - which will be held on Tuesday 27 July 2021 via Zoom and although we do not have a formal meeting in August a Get Together is planned for Saturday 21 August 2021 on Long Meadow. Likely starting time of 2pm.


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