Here is a template for the hexagon if anyone would still like to make one.  Please could any remaining hexagons be handed to Helen by the beginning of February at the latest ?


The tablecloth will be a bright gold yellow and we will be attaching a panel to the front to be made up of hexagons embellished by our members.  We hope all members will design one hexagon to add to our panel. 


When you print your hexagon the overall size should be:

Side length 4 inches/ 10cm

Top to bottom 7.5inches / 19cms

This is the overall size and we ask you to leave a 1 inch border all round the shape so that we can sew them altogether on the panel.  You can use any material in any colour that you wish as your base (polycotton is ideal).  Please remember we will be sewing them together so if you wish to use a material like felt or similar please could this be attached to a base fabric allowing a 1inch border.

Please decorate your hexagon with a design of your choice.  This could be about you, your job, your hobbies, Barton Bees  or WI in general.  You can sew, stick, cross stitch, applique, fabric paint or pen, or embroidery

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