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Sex & Scandals of the Royal Court

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

We had a fabulous talk last night at our monthly meeting by Sarah Slater about all sorts of naughty goings on in the 1700's . Sarah works as a tour guide at Hampton Court and joined us fully dressed up for the occasion in a restoration period style gown and pearls. We were treated to a highly entertaining, no holds barred account of “goings on” at the Royal palace – mistresses galore, bawdy language and a fascinating glimpse at how they found their pleasures. There was a question and answer session at the end and Sue Broadhurst proposed a vote of thanks to Sarah for bringing a ray of sunshine into these dark days and a very welcome diversion from our current troubled times.

Several members remarked that one day (hopefully not too far away), they would like to take the trip up to Hampton Court Palace and book Sarah’s ghost tour. Here is Sarah in one of her costumes which she makes herself. We also welcomed 30 visiting ladies from other WI in Hampshire on Zoom for the event. A very successful evening.


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