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Scavenger Hunt

Starting from Christchurch under the arches on Friday 14th December 2018 at 9.30am on even a dry with some sunshine winters day.  There were 23 of us participating with such things like taking a photo of the longest conga line where some of the teams went in to The Regent Centre where unsuspecting people were asked to join a line and do the conga – we now have the proof of just that happening with lots of very smiley faces, whereby another team managed to ask some willing builders and a postmen for their photo of another conga line.  Another question was to take a photo of something creepy which was where one of another team actually laid in an empty coffin, very scary and creepy, but oh so funny.  Another question was to find which team could fit in as many people into a tight space. Other questions found themselves going around the town in and out of shops asking for Xmas serviettes and finding something beginning with the letter C. They also found themselves going to the ruins and ducking stool and the museum finding clues to question and also finding out about the local history.

We then came back to have a jolly good festive lunch at The Cliff House which was enjoyed by over 40 of us attending – ending up with prizes for our best team.  What a brilliant end of the year.”


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