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October Zoom Meeting

We held a Fun and Games session on zoom for this month`s meeting hosted by 5 of our very own Barton Bees. Jo started the fun off with a game of Dingbats which was won by Laura, Alison & Karen.

Laura had been out and about with her camera and went on to show some local photos taken at unusual angles and zoomed in. Would you have been able to work out what they were ? Sally, Ann, Rose, Janet & Theresa all did really well in this round.

To have a go at the “What is it Photo Game” we are showing two more photo`s below– this time items you would possibly use at home. Can you tell what they are ?

Keeping the theme local Ann gave an excellent quiz. Did you know how many Beach Huts there are at Barton on Sea ? or how many roundabouts between Tesco New Milton and Sainsburys Christchurch. Pauline certainly knew her local knowledge and was the outright winner in this round. In case you are wondering there are 103 Beach Huts and 8 Roundabouts.

After a 5 minute chat in the break out rooms of 5 a game of KIMS with Claire took us back to our childhood parties and memories of Brownies. It`s a fun memory game and well done to Sally, Rose & Vi who remembered to do well at this one.

Alison rounded off the evening with Emoji Fun. London Underground Stations and Countries spelt out with Emoji`s which Ann excelled at. Well done to all our winners and your prizes will be with you in the next couple of days.


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