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Brockenhurst Show

Congratulations to all those that entered the Brockenhurst Group Show this weekend. What a Truly Spectacular event. Trophies were presented by our Hampshire Federation Chairman Helen Carter to a number of our members - Lorraine Pullen collected our Trophy for WI with most points overall, Mary Sully for most innovative article for Christmas using recycled materials, Amanda Harris for the most outstanding item in Craft Section, Carol Minnion winning two trophies for Best Photograph and Best Painting. Our President Jacquie Carver winning three trophies for Best Table Decoration and the member gaining the highest number of points in the produce section and the competition overall. Sonia Dunn won the Trophy for Best Christmas Wreath. Congratulations to Jackie Alvey from New Milton Sands for winning the Handicraft Cup and to New Milton Sands winning the Produce Co-operative class and to Brockenhurst Group winning the Craft Co-operative class. Well done everybody that took part.


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