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Barton to Milford Walk- 7th March 2019

The Bees Knees Walking Group – Mixing things up a bit , we now have some Thursday and Friday walks and even an evening group coming up.  On 7th March ,20 of us set off walking with Jax as leader from the Beachcomber shelter to the Beach House Hotel in Milford for lunch. We walked through the Golf course which was quite wet and muddy and very windy but dry on the way there.  We pointed out the trig points used by the survey teams to improve accuracy of the readings obtained. Also a tale about the two fragile crocodile skulls found on these cliffs in the 1840s.  We also  pointed out that the Needles to Old Harry’s rocks  was a dry land before the massive melting of glaciers. There were a couple of areas on the cliff top which have eroded even more so we had to walk single file past these but we all managed very well .  It was an hour and a half walk to get there and as it rained really hard just as were about to leave after lunch,

a  few of us rang our husbands to pick us up and typically having done so, on the way back the sun came out.  All in all another wonderful walk with fabulous views of the golf courses, sea and countryside.


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