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Annual Meeting

This was our Annual Meeting and therefore no visitors were permitted other than our WI Advisor Janet Reid. Voting to approve Committee membership and the three key officers (President, Treasurer and Secretary) had been held online in advance of the meeting– every member had received an email directly from Janet enabling them to reply anonymously and nominate candidates for President. 62 members had replied within the voting deadline to record their votes. Jacquie welcomed everyone to the meeting with a special welcome to any new members for whom this was their first meeting.

In advance of the meeting three reports had been circulated to all members;

Secretary’s report for 2020-1

Treasurer’s report

Presidents report

The following members will serve on the Committee for the coming year:

Secretary Claire Curtis

Treasurer Helen Robertson

Amanda Harris - Garden Group Coordinator

Alison Browne

Carol Minnion - Speaker Secretary

Carolyn Marshall - Registration and Website support

Carolyn Gaff - Climate Ambassador

Jo Dew - Skittles and Events Coordinator

Rose Prior

Sue Broadhurst

Chris Hollingshead

Mary Sully

There were 8 nominations for President. 7 nominees declined to stand for the coming year and therefore Jacquie was re-elected unopposed.

Jacquie thanked Jenny Kenworthy, Lorraine Pullen, Sonia Dunn and Jax Elkington who have served on the Committee since the inaugural meeting in 2017 and who have now stood down. Alison Browne steps down as Secretary but remains on the committee. Jacquie also underlined that she will step down as president in May 2022.

After the official business, one of our members, Carolyn Marshall gave a talk with a slideshow of her

personal challenge to complete the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu – a gruelling feat of which she can rightfully be very proud. Her photos of the different stages on the trip gave us an insight to how physically demanding the terrain is. Sonia thanked her for an enlightening presentation and said how much we will look forward to a future talk on her other travels.


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