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Whilst our membership is full this year ,we have now re-opened our waiting list for next year. If you are interested in joining us please contact us at bartonbeewi@gmail.com

 Programme of Events -2022
We need to a few more enthusiastic members to join our
Please consider joining  to"make a difference" to your WI.

****Ladies - please save your empty tablet blister packs and bring them to meetings as we now have an account with Terracycle to recycle these. A collection box will be available *****

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 Brockenhurst Group Show

Barton Bees belongs to the Brockenhurst group which consists of 5 Institutes: Brockenhurst, Bashley, Sway, New Milton Sands and Barton Bees. Every 2 years they hold an exhibition which consists of various individual and co-operative classes. 

Community Support
The WI has always been at the forefront of campaigns both locally and nationally. Here are just a few of the projects to which we have an ongoing commitment.  Click on them to find out more.